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Hello there!

I am delighted to welcome you to my collection of music specially curated for entering and leaving assemblies or worship in Primary schools. Your interest in this project means a lot to me, and I’m excited to share the story behind its inception.

The idea for this collection was sparked by a thought-provoking tweet from Michael Tidd back on July 8, 2019. His question about building a repertoire of music pieces and summaries for assemblies got me thinking about creating a valuable resource for educators and students alike.

Has anybody already built up a small repertoire of powerpoints with key music pieces and summaries for use coming into assemblies?

— Michael Tidd (@MichaelT1979) July 8, 2019

And so, the journey began, culminating in the creation of the PowerPoints, now conveniently accessible through the link in the menu above and this website.

In total, there are 195 PowerPoint files—one for every school day in the UK academic year. My selection process involved carefully curating relaxing and peaceful pieces, although I must admit, I couldn’t resist the allure of some more upbeat compositions at times!

One of the key principles I’ve strived to incorporate is diversity. It’s essential to showcase a wide range of musical voices, but I acknowledge that historical biases can sometimes lead us to predominantly feature works by old, white male composers. To counter this, I’ve been on a mission to seek out hidden gems from female or non-white composers. One such discovery that has captured my heart is Florence Price’s glorious first symphony—a true gem.

I also wanted to incorporate recurring themes to add a sense of continuity and exploration. As a result, you’ll find iconic works like Vivaldi’s Seasons, Talbot’s Once Around The Sun (a piece for each month), Holst’s Planets (with Earth and Pluto additions), and music dedicated to the Patron Saints Days of the four countries of the United Kingdom.

Occasionally, I must admit, my personal preferences and biases have influenced some selections. Russian composers, particularly Rachmaninoff, have a special place in my heart, so you’ll find a chunk of Rachmaninoff included purely because of my deep admiration for his works.

Each post in the collection features an image of the composer (with a couple of exceptions). I’ve strived to provide additional information about the composer and the work whenever possible, adding a touch of context and history to enrich the experience.

To ensure a seamless and immersive experience, the PowerPoints include audio files that automatically play during the slideshow. For the website versions, I’ve incorporated YouTube videos, making it easy for everyone to access and enjoy these musical treasures (assuming YouTube is available in your setting).

I want to emphasise that all the music featured here is not my own, and I have taken great care not to infringe on anyone’s copyright. The sole purpose of this collection is to serve educational needs and enrich the learning experiences of students across schools in the UK.

My ultimate hope is that this body of work proves to be a valuable resource for you and your children, introducing you all to some incredible new music. Whether you’re a teacher seeking captivating pieces for assemblies or a student eager to explore the world of music, I believe there’s something special here for everyone.

Thank you for joining me on this musical journey, and I look forward to hearing about the impact these compositions have on your school’s atmosphere and the hearts of those who encounter them. Feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, and any hidden gems you come across—let’s continue to learn and grow together!